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Global Leaders in Mentoring

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Elevating the impact of leadership

CMi Merryck is a leading global authority and partner for enhancing the business impact of CEO, board, senior executive and executive team leadership. Our mentoring expertise provides tailored one-to-one and executive team/board mentoring for leaders, by leaders.

Through personalised engagements, leaders benefit from the wisdom and experience of our proven, world-class mentors. We enable leaders to realise their potential and deliver better business outcomes for their organisation.

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Unmatched Global Experience

CMi Merryck brings real world experience to executive development, and customises each  engagement to one – one leader, one board, one team, one cohort, one organisation. Each mentoring engagement is carefully tailored to align with the goals of the organisation and each mentee or team.

Our Mentors
Who we are

We help the best leaders become even better

CMi Merryck is part of a global firm comprised of experienced CEOs, Chairs and senior business leaders who help organisations accelerate the impact of their most senior leaders on their people and their performance.

Our sole purpose is to help the best leaders become even better.

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Bringing real-world experience to executive development

We bring real world experience to executive development and customise each engagement to the individual leader, team or cohort. Our impact is immediate, and our effectiveness is rooted in our ability to see each client within their unique business context aligned to the strategy.

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We are proud to partner with leaders and organisations that recognise leadership as the ‘how’ of strategy and that investment in enhancing leadership impact is an investment in the successful execution of strategy.

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